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Seafood Delight and Kayak Bliss: Island View Waterfront Cafe in Maryland

Embark on a culinary and aquatic adventure at Island View Waterfront Cafe in Essex, Maryland. In Jamie Alvarenga's 2020 article published on August 09, discover a unique waterfront spot that not only serves delectable seafood but also offers the thrilling opportunity to rent a kayak.

"With so much coastline along the ocean, bay, and rivers, Maryland is filled with waterside restaurants. It’s not difficult to find one with a great view, but the following spot ALSO provides kayak rentals as well. Chow down on delicious seafood and then burn off those calories by going on a kayaking adventure. Sounds like the perfect combination! Read on for the details and consider visiting this place while the weather is still warm." - Jamie Alvaregna, OnlyInYourState


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